1964-1/2 Mustang Unique Features


    There is hardly a week that goes by that one or more classic Mustang enthusiasts phone K.A.R. and inquire as to how they can accurately determine if their Mustang or one they are considering purchasing is a true 1964-1/2 Mustang. In an effort to assist these enthusiasts we have compiled a listing of production features unique to 1964-1/2 Mustangs. Although we cannot be certain that we have listed absolutely every 1964-1/2 feature, enough are listed to enable any enthusiast to accurately determine if a Mustang in question is, in fact, a true 1964-1/2 Mustang.


    Radiator Support – right side louvers, no holes for mounting horns, voltage regulator holes

    Lines – fuel and brake line clamps are screwed to floor, not clipped

    Hood – angled edges not completely folded over and headlight assemblies are beveled

    Hood Hinges – black

    Engine Compartment – bracket between inner fender apron and cowl cover have extra vertical tab

    Front Shock Towers – no drain in frame rail under shock tower

    “Mustang” emblem on fender is 4-1/2” long

    Gas cap has no retaining cable

    No convertible reinforcement from fender apron to firewall

    Gas tank fill tube had 5 slotted holes

    Horse and Corral have different retaining screw location


    Contact plates on inside door edge for door light switches

    Lock knob grommets painted interior color

    Warning light in dash “GEN”

    Seat Belts – all chrome buckle with “eye” bolt ends; chrome buckle is “gator back style”

    No rear seat belts; nor holes or anchors

    Outside door felts backing is black not chrome

    Stationary front passenger seat – until 5/08/64

    Headliner rods – one end is removable on rear two rods

    Glovebox is black

    Driver’s side vent knob has “A” on it.

    Large horns mounted on strut rod supports

    Hydraulic brake light switch

    Fuse box unique (longer)

    Steering wheel has single contact and relay circuit

    Turn signal switch – single horn contact and individual wire connectors on bottom

    Solenoid – black with plastic bottom (C4OZ)

    Headlight switch – two changes before 8/17/64, and between 8/17/64 and 11/16/64

    Parking light backing cups are not notched

    Rear tail lights are hard wired

    Clutch and brake pedal secured with “E” clips


    Engines: V8 – 260 & 289 cubic inch (5 bolt); 6 cylinder – 170 cubic inch

    Wheels: 13” standard, 14” and 15” optional; 13” on 6 cylinder only

    Transmission are close bellhousing pattern – no ears; smaller input bearing cover

    Ignition coil mounted on intake manifold, V8

    Crank pulley cast iron on V8; except HiPo

    V8 front cover has oil fill spout (plugged on HiPo and late 5-bolt blocks)

    Dual exhaust with transverse muffler (before 8/15/64); still seen after this

    Dual exhaust system mufflers were parallel but no resonators; pipes are turned down

    Rear tail pipe hangers for dual exhaust are not through the frame

    Front engine cover unique to 5 bolt block with aluminum water pump and dip stick tube

    Front brake hose brackets have a 6 sided hole (olive drab)

    Kick down linkage for automatic was a rod linkage

    Equipped with a generator versus an alternator

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