We at K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. believe that every customer has a right to complete privacy. Your dealings with K.A.R. will be kept in the strictest confidence.

K.A.R. does not sell our customer mailing list to anyone for any reason, to include financial gain. This list is used for K.A.R. mailings only and to expedite future orders with “on hand” information.
K.A.R. receives financing applications for both classic and late model Mustangs. These applications are only submitted to major lenders. The information on these applications are not shared with anyone but these reputable lenders.
K.A.R. offers “on-line” credit card Internet ordering for various products and services. K.A.R. provides “secure” on-line ordering to properly protect your credit card information.
K.A.R. is offered both classic and late model Mustangs for sale by individual owners. When we decline to purchase a Mustang, we do not provide potential buyers for such a car with the seller’s name, address, or phone number without the advance express consent of the seller.
K.A.R. purchases classic and late model Mustangs from individual owners for resale. When we resell these Mustangs, we do not provide the new owner with any contact information on the former owner without the express consent of this former owner.
K.A.R. sells late model and classic Mustangs. Often times former owners request the names and contact information for the new owner for the purpose of repurchasing the Mustang. K.A.R. does not divulge this information without the express consent of the person we sold the Mustang to.
K.A.R. publishes a mail order catalog and various sales brochures that carry pictures of Mustangs we have sold, serviced, repaired, or restored. We do not place photographs of a customer’s Mustang in any publication without the advance permission of the owner. We do not mention an owner’s name without the advance permission of the owner.
K.A.R. receives, via the Internet, “Mustang for Sale” evaluation forms. These forms are viewed by the K.A.R. purchasing staff only and not shared with anyone outside of the purchasing staff.
K.A.R. receives e-mail inquiries covering a myriad of topics from Mustang enthusiasts worldwide. These e-mails are viewed by the K.A.R. staff and not forwarded to anyone for any reason.
K.A.R. services and repairs Mustangs for individual owners. K.A.R. has received inquiries on the service and repair history of Mustangs for sale by K.A.R. customers. K.A.R. does not divulge any information on a customer’s car without the consent of the owner.
K.A.R. restores classic Mustangs for individual owners. We have received inquiries on the cost and extent of restorations on Mustangs offered for sale by K.A.R. customers. K.A.R. does not divulge any such information without the consent of the owner.
Need-to-know, personal information provided to K.A.R. management is dealt with by only the person or persons who have to act on the information. K.A.R. employees, without the need to know, do not have access to personal information.
Customer files are secured away from the normal customer traffic patterns. Customer files can only be accessed by an owner of K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.
Building security — K.A.R.’s offices are protected by electronic security systems, both audible and video. K.A.R.’s security systems are monitored 24 hours a day. Only K.A.R.’s owners have access to K.A.R.’s offices after hours.

The safeguarding of private information is a way of life at K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. You may deal with K.A.R. with the assurance that your dealings will be handled professionally and in the strictest confidence.