To my friends at K.A.R.; George, Kevin, Bob & Judy,
I’m far from finished but here are just a few pictures of my Mustang project to date. The top picture is from June of 2001 – the day I drove it home to Greenville, SC from your place. I know George thought I was nuts to drive a “project car” home, but it made it just fine.
I wanted to express my deep appreciation for all the help you guys give me even when I’m not buying something and have a question! I know it’s very busy for you most times when I call, but you seem to always have the time to help me. In my mind, that’s what makes K.A.R a success! Service like that is why I bought my wife’s ’66 convertible from you also.
George, keep me in mind for your “restomod catalog”, I sure would be honored to have a picture of my car in it when I get it done. Thanks again for all you do for those of us who have a passion for Mustangs!!! Hope things are going well for you.

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