I finally took receipt of the Mustang last Friday from the container port – thankfully it arrived in one piece although rather dusty. The shipping people were excellent and under instruction waited until I was there before breaking the seal on the container. It took 5 or 6 times for the engine to initially start but looking closer the contact points in the distributor were almost closed up. Once gapped properly it now starts on the first turn of the key every time.
All the descriptions and photographs you sent to me never went anyway near conveying how good this car was – it was better than I had imagined it could be!
There are some small, minor issues that need to be rectified – 4 exhaust joints were blowing but have now been fixed, one of the bushes on the front anti-roll bar has split and will need replacing, the windscreen washer pump had seized (now works), and there are odd fixing screws here and there which are missing. All these things are very minor and will be easily rectified. The heater blower will need pulling apart – it makes a horrendous noise when it is turned on and there is something seriously wrong with the motor or the fan inside. Something to pull apart and fix during the next few months.
I am compiling a list of parts that I will need to order from you and hopefully you will be able to arrange shipment to me in the UK. The car goes in for it’s MOT test today (yearly inspection test required for all cars in the UK) so hopefully it should be on the road shortly.
Can I please take this opportunity to thank both of you (plus others at KAR who worked on the car) personally for you professional and courteous service during the purchase of this car. The extra expense you went to in delivering the car to the container port in Ohio, forwarding additional photos and video to me, and the ‘extra mile’ you went to changing the rear springs again and again. I might add the car sits absolutely perfectly. I would have no problem at all in recommending KAR to anyone.

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