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Buy a car you saw only over the internet? Are you nuts?
That’s why, in the beginning, we didn’t tell a soul we bought our 1968 Raven Black Convertible Mustang from K.A.R. Auto Group. They would have said we were crazy to send money to a company that, frankly, we had never heard of (only because we weren’t in the “Mustang” know), to buy a thirty-two year old car we had only seen pictures of (and you all know how pictures can be manipulated – anyone ever see Jurassic Park?)
Do Guardian Angels really exist? We know ours do? They were watching out for us the day we stumbled onto K.A.R.’s awesome website (www.karmustang.com). We immediately fell in love with a spectacular black ’68 Mustang. After one conversation with George, one of the owners, we knew we were dealing with an honest, reliable individual and company.
Three phone calls later, we took the plunge and bought the beauty, sight unseen. We had it delivered and can still remember the van pulling up to the driveway. When they pulled the Mustang onto our driveway, our hearts were racing. If you’re wondering if our Mustang was as good as the pictures we saw – well it wasn’t – it was even better!!
Now we can’t stop bragging about K.A.R. Auto Group.
Since then, we’ve talked with Kevin (owner & technician) many, many times as B.A. has tinkered with his “baby.” Kevin knows exactly what parts we need, sends them immediately, makes recommendations (very welcome ones), and always has time for us. They’ve even nicknamed B.A. “Curly” for zapping himself not once, but four times while trying to time the Mustang. (It was the timing gun – really, it was!)
Judy (also an owner) knows the place inside and out. She helps us in every way possible. She is a joy to speak with and runs a tight, organized ship. And she can pick out the greatest Father’s Day, Christmas, and Birthday Mustang gifts!
We have since joined the Northern Mustang Corral, a Mustang club in our area. K.A.R. has been tremendous in their support for the club’s tenth annual car show which will be held in August of this year. This was very unexpected, and very much appreciated by the club.
We are so very pleased with our ’68 Mustang, with K.A.R. Auto Group, with their technical support, with the parts they have available, with their fabulous catalog, with their service, with their honesty and integrity, and with the friendliness we find every single time we call. We feel that not only have we bought a magnificent car, but we have truly made three new friends
Thank you K.A.R., we brag about you every chance we get.
On, forgot to mention – we hesitantly entered our ’68 Mustang in two shows last month. It took FIRST PLACE in both shows. People stood and stared at it for twenty minutes at a time, and finally told us, “We just can’t stop looking at it.” Thanks, again, George, Judy & Kevin.

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