I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is a great pleasure to do business with you. I have ordered parts from you for the last couple of years and I have been totally satisfied with your products or your professionalism in handling any problems. The local Mustang parts businesses here could […]

Bob Spencer

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job that K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. did in totally restoring my 1965 Mustang Convertible. Not only did you restore the car but you also actually located the rust free car to begin with! Now that I am back home, I have had time to […]


We are now approaching the one year anniversary since we purchased our 1966 Mustang Convertible (affectionately known as “Baby Blue”). This was our first summer to experience fully the joys of owning a classic mustang. I can say that from the day of the purchase to the day of actual delivery to now almost one […]


Thank you for going the “extra miles” to make sure my Mustang was to my satisfaction. I will always recommend you to all Mustang owners. Thank you . . . you are very much appreciated!


I thought I would drop you a thank you note. My wife, Becky and I just drove our little 66 G.T. Coupe to Dearborne for the M.C.A.’s Stampede to Dearborne national event. The car ran flawlessly up and back and we brought home a M.C.A. Gold Plaque. This could only happen through you and your […]

B & S A

Buy a car you saw only over the internet? Are you nuts? That’s why, in the beginning, we didn’t tell a soul we bought our 1968 Raven Black Convertible Mustang from K.A.R. Auto Group. They would have said we were crazy to send money to a company that, frankly, we had never heard of (only […]


I’m very happy with the car (1965 Poppy Red Fastback)! It was a very good experience buying from K.A.R. and will be recommended to others. (Winter is going to feel a bit longer though this year waiting for spring to come.) Thank you, Hope things are going well for you.


To my friends at K.A.R.; George, Kevin, Bob & Judy, I’m far from finished but here are just a few pictures of my Mustang project to date. The top picture is from June of 2001 – the day I drove it home to Greenville, SC from your place. I know George thought I was nuts […]


I finally took receipt of the Mustang last Friday from the container port – thankfully it arrived in one piece although rather dusty. The shipping people were excellent and under instruction waited until I was there before breaking the seal on the container. It took 5 or 6 times for the engine to initially start […]


I thought it necessary to send you this letter of praise due to the unparalleled service that was given to me at your shop. Without you and the patience of the K.A.R. staff, I don�t know what I would have done with my 65 coupe. I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge and […]