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Kevin, George and Judy, owners of K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.
Kevin, George and Judy, owners of K.A.R. Auto Group
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K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. was founded 23 years ago by Kevin Allen Roberts and his father, Gordon Roberts. The K.A.R., of course, is derived from Kevin Allen Roberts' initials. K.A.R. began life as a partnership. K.A.R. and Associates, as it was known in the beginning, enjoyed sales growth year after year. The business focused on Classic Mustang sales, service and restoration, and new and used parts sales from the very beginning.
In 1994, George Waydo, a long time Mustang enthusiast, MCA National show winner and Shelby National "Best of Show" winner, decided to turn his love for Classic Mustangs into a business. George acquired K.A.R. and Associates from Kevin and Gordon Roberts. George Waydo, fully realizing the vast knowledge and experience of Kevin Roberts and understanding Kevin's passionate love for Classic Mustangs, invited Kevin to remain with the new company, K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc., as Vice President of Operations and an equity owner. Soon after, George and Kevin invited Judy Moehl, a senior executive secretary with a Fortune 100 company with tremendous organizational skills, to serve as Administration Manager and equity owner of the company. Today, George, Kevin and Judy combined own 100% of the stock of K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

K.A.R.'s growth not only continued but dramatically increased as new capital was put into the business. Today, K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. stands alone as America's largest Classic Mustang dealer. K.A.R. specializes in "rust free" Mustangs acquired from states where road "salt" is not required during the winter months. K.A.R. maintains a large network of brokers, finders, and hobbyists around America who actively source quality Mustangs for K.A.R. to acquire.

K.A.R. Auto Group is unique in other ways as well. In addition to Classic Mustang sales, K.A.R. operates a full service, repair, and restoration facility. No job is too small or too large. K.A.R. has built national champions, trophy winning weekend drivers, and, of course, keeps many Mustangs operating safely and dependably with expert routine service or repairs. Finally, K.A.R. operates a large and very attractive retail store; one of the largest in America. K.A.R.'s store is stocked with Mustang parts that fit, work, and look good. All new parts must be tested in our shop before they are stocked in the store. Of course, mail order is also available through K.A.R.'s 100+ page catalog. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours and many are shipped the same day.

Finally, K.A.R. maintains a huge "used" parts inventory. Some parts simply are not manufactured by Ford Motor Company or the aftermarket companies. Reconditioned, used parts fill this void. Try K.A.R. for all those rare or hard to find used parts.

K.A.R. Auto Group is a one-stop Mustang headquarters:
  • Classic Mustang Sales - Always over 20 in stock
  • Late Model Mustang Sales -- 1987-1995 low mileage or performance-enhanced Mustangs
  • Service, Repair, Restoration
  • New Parts
  • Used Parts
  • Mail Order

Today, K.A.R. Auto Group has a staff of 8 full time and 3 part time Mustang lovers anxious to serve the Classic Mustang enthusiast.

Mary - K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

Meet Mary: Mary wears several hats at K.A.R. First of all, she is our bookkeeper, which is an extremely important role in a small independent business. Mary also produces all of our statistical reports that we use to track our business. As if those duties were enough for a full time job, Mary is also our inventory control specialist. Mary is in the middle of installing a computer based inventory control system at K.A.R. to include automated check out with a bar coding system tied to a check out scanner.
Mary can also be found waiting on customers in our retail store and taking phone orders when everyone else is also busy. We are really fortunate to have a person with MaryÂ’s talents, work ethic, and dedication to getting it done right on the K.A.R. team.

Judy - K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

Meet Judy: Judy is our administration manager and an owner of K.A.R. When we decided to really grow the business over 6 years ago, we knew we would need a top flight inside manager to insure all of the many administrative issues are handled on a timely and accurate basis. K.A.R. has sold hundreds and hundreds of Mustangs and, thanks to Judy, we have never had a title issue. Judy insures every buyerÂ’s investment is protected with a clear title. K.A.R. has never failed to furnish a buyer with a perfect title.

Judy also manages many other important functions such as payroll, worker's compensation, employee benefits, insurance, telephone system, office equipment, and much more. Oh! When you call K.A.R. you are likely to hear JudyÂ’s cheerful voice on the other end. She also knows Mustang parts and can be relied upon to not only take your order but also professionally pack it for shipment. Judy's other title is "Shipper Judy". We are truly fortunate to have Judy on the K.A.R. team.

Kevin - K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

Meet Kevin: Kevin is a founding member of K.A.R. In fact, K.A.R. stands for "Kevin Allen Roberts." As you can see from the picture, Kevin loves Mustangs and his job. For 22 years he has restored, repaired, and serviced Mustangs. Kevin's duties as Service and Restoration Manager provide K.A.R. with a level of leadership unequaled in the Mustang industry. Kevin's other hobby is collecting sports cards!

Chris - K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

Meet Chris: Chris grew up in a classic Mustang family. Long before Chris joined the K.A.R. team his father, Carl, often stopped by to purchase parts for his 1969 Mach 1. Chris restored his first Mustang when he was 14 years old and has "played cars" ever since. Of course, in addition to Chris' family garage training, he also studied auto mechanics in vocational school. We feel very fortunate to have a person of Chris' talent and professional attitude on the K.A.R. team. Chris is a perfectionist who gets it done right the first time. Chris' other hobby is karate where he has earned his black belt. In the unlikely event that Chris should make a mistake, neither Kevin nor George is going to take him to the woodshed.

Derek - K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

Meet Derek: Derek is the youngest member of the K.A.R. team. Derek studied body tech. for two years before venturing out into the market place. After a year and a half of solid on-the-job experience we were able to convince Derek to join our team. Derek is an excellent welder and finish technician. Under the careful guidance and tutoring of Kevin Roberts, an owner of K.A.R. with 22 years of Classic Mustang restoration experience, Derek is progressing rapidly proving to be a quick study. Derek really cares about his work and strives for perfection.

Derek's other hobby is karate and jujitsu. Derek is a black belt in karate, 3rd ranked heavyweight in the U.S. and a recent first place winner in the world renowned Irish Cup, which is fought, of course, in Ireland. No taking Derek to the woodshed! We are delighted to have a person of Derek's skills and character on the K.A.R. team.

Our Privacy Commitment
We at K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. believe that every customer has a right to complete privacy. Your dealings with K.A.R. will be kept in the strictest confidence.
K.A.R. does not sell our customer mailing list to anyone for any reason, to include financial gain. This list is used for K.A.R. mailings only and to expedite future orders with "on hand" information.

K.A.R. receives financing applications for both classic and late model Mustangs. These applications are only submitted to major lenders. The information on these applications are not shared with anyone but these reputable lenders.

K.A.R. offers "on-line" credit card Internet ordering for various products and services. K.A.R. provides "secure" on-line ordering to properly protect your credit card information.

K.A.R. is offered both classic and late model Mustangs for sale by individual owners. When we decline to purchase a Mustang, we do not provide potential buyers for such a car with the seller's name, address, or phone number without the advance express consent of the seller.

K.A.R. purchases classic and late model Mustangs from individual owners for resale. When we resell these Mustangs, we do not provide the new owner with any contact information on the former owner without the express consent of this former owner.

K.A.R. sells late model and classic Mustangs. Often times former owners request the names and contact information for the new owner for the purpose of repurchasing the Mustang. K.A.R. does not divulge this information without the express consent of the person we sold the Mustang to.

K.A.R. publishes a mail order catalog and various sales brochures that carry pictures of Mustangs we have sold, serviced, repaired, or restored. We do not place photographs of a customer's Mustang in any publication without the advance permission of the owner. We do not mention an owner's name without the advance permission of the owner.

K.A.R. receives, via the Internet, "Mustang for Sale" evaluation forms. These forms are viewed by the K.A.R. purchasing staff only and not shared with anyone outside of the purchasing staff.

K.A.R. receives e-mail inquiries covering a myriad of topics from Mustang enthusiasts worldwide. These e-mails are viewed by the K.A.R. staff and not forwarded to anyone for any reason.

K.A.R. services and repairs Mustangs for individual owners. K.A.R. has received inquiries on the service and repair history of Mustangs for sale by K.A.R. customers. K.A.R. does not divulge any information on a customer's car without the consent of the owner.

K.A.R. restores classic Mustangs for individual owners. We have received inquiries on the cost and extent of restorations on Mustangs offered for sale by K.A.R. customers. K.A.R. does not divulge any such information without the consent of the owner.

Need-to-know, personal information provided to K.A.R. management is dealt with by only the person or persons who have to act on the information. K.A.R. employees, without the need to know, do not have access to personal information.

Customer files are secured away from the normal customer traffic patterns. Customer files can only be accessed by an owner of K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc.

Building security -- K.A.R.'s offices are protected by electronic security systems, both audible and video. K.A.R.'s security systems are monitored 24 hours a day. Only K.A.R.'s owners have access to K.A.R.'s offices after hours.

The safeguarding of private information is a way of life at K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. You may deal with K.A.R. with the assurance that your dealings will be handled professionally and in the strictest confidence.

George J. Waydo

What Our Customers Are Saying
At K.A.R. Auto Group, we're not just in the business of selling cars and parts. We understand the Classic Mustang mentality, and love our customers as much as they love their cars. Along our journey, we've made many friends, and here are what a few have to say about their K.A.R. experience.

click here to view more customer testimonials

September 2005
Dear Kevin:
I thought it necessary to send you this letter of praise due to the unparalleled service that was given to me at your shop. Without you and the patience of the K.A.R. staff, I don’t know what I would have done with my 65 coupe. I am very impressed with the amount of knowledge and expertise by everyone that I came into contact at K.A.R.

Every time I was in K.A.R., I felt like part of the family, and not just a means to a paycheck. The entire shop bent over backwards to help me out.

Owners of Mustangs in this area are very lucky to have you here!

I look forward to working with you in the future, and if you ever need a referral please feel free to send them my way.

Thank you again for your outstanding service and expertise.

June 2005
I finally took receipt of the Mustang last Friday from the container port - thankfully it arrived in one piece although rather dusty. The shipping people were excellent and under instruction waited until I was there before breaking the seal on the container. It took 5 or 6 times for the engine to initially start but looking closer the contact points in the distributor were almost closed up. Once gapped properly it now starts on the first turn of the key every time.

All the descriptions and photographs you sent to me never went anyway near conveying how good this car was - it was better than I had imagined it could be!

There are some small, minor issues that need to be rectified - 4 exhaust joints were blowing but have now been fixed, one of the bushes on the front anti-roll bar has split and will need replacing, the windscreen washer pump had seized (now works), and there are odd fixing screws here and there which are missing. All these things are very minor and will be easily rectified. The heater blower will need pulling apart - it makes a horrendous noise when it is turned on and there is something seriously wrong with the motor or the fan inside. Something to pull apart and fix during the next few months.

I am compiling a list of parts that I will need to order from you and hopefully you will be able to arrange shipment to me in the UK. The car goes in for it's MOT test today (yearly inspection test required for all cars in the UK) so hopefully it should be on the road shortly.

Can I please take this opportunity to thank both of you (plus others at KAR who worked on the car) personally for you professional and courteous service during the purchase of this car. The extra expense you went to in delivering the car to the container port in Ohio, forwarding additional photos and video to me, and the 'extra mile' you went to changing the rear springs again and again. I might add the car sits absolutely perfectly. I would have no problem at all in recommending KAR to anyone.

Best regards,

March 2005
To my friends at K.A.R.; George, Kevin, Bob & Judy,
I'm far from finished but here are just a few pictures of my Mustang project to date. The top picture is from June of 2001 - the day I drove it home to Greenville, SC from your place. I know George thought I was nuts to drive a "project car" home, but it made it just fine.

I wanted to express my deep appreciation for all the help you guys give me even when I'm not buying something and have a question! I know it's very busy for you most times when I call, but you seem to always have the time to help me. In my mind, that's what makes K.A.R a success! Service like that is why I bought my wife's '66 convertible from you also.

George, keep me in mind for your "restomod catalog", I sure would be honored to have a picture of my car in it when I get it done. Thanks again for all you do for those of us who have a passion for Mustangs!!! Hope things are going well for you.

July 2004
Hi George,
I'm very happy with the car (1965 Poppy Red Fastback)! It was a very good experience buying from K.A.R. and will be recommended to others. (Winter is going to feel a bit longer though this year waiting for spring to come.)

Thank you, Hope things are going well for you.

June 2000
To: George, Judy & Kevin

Buy a car you saw only over the internet? Are you nuts?

That's why, in the beginning, we didn't tell a soul we bought our 1968 Raven Black Convertible Mustang from K.A.R. Auto Group. They would have said we were crazy to send money to a company that, frankly, we had never heard of (only because we weren't in the "Mustang" know), to buy a thirty-two year old car we had only seen pictures of (and you all know how pictures can be manipulated - anyone ever see Jurassic Park?)

Do Guardian Angels really exist? We know ours do? They were watching out for us the day we stumbled onto K.A.R.'s awesome website (www.karmustang.com). We immediately fell in love with a spectacular black '68 Mustang. After one conversation with George, one of the owners, we knew we were dealing with an honest, reliable individual and company.

Three phone calls later, we took the plunge and bought the beauty, sight unseen. We had it delivered and can still remember the van pulling up to the driveway. When they pulled the Mustang onto our driveway, our hearts were racing. If you're wondering if our Mustang was as good as the pictures we saw - well it wasn't - it was even better!!

Now we can't stop bragging about K.A.R. Auto Group.

Since then, we've talked with Kevin (owner & technician) many, many times as B.A. has tinkered with his "baby." Kevin knows exactly what parts we need, sends them immediately, makes recommendations (very welcome ones), and always has time for us. They've even nicknamed B.A. "Curly" for zapping himself not once, but four times while trying to time the Mustang. (It was the timing gun - really, it was!)

Judy (also an owner) knows the place inside and out. She helps us in every way possible. She is a joy to speak with and runs a tight, organized ship. And she can pick out the greatest Father's Day, Christmas, and Birthday Mustang gifts!

We have since joined the Northern Mustang Corral, a Mustang club in our area. K.A.R. has been tremendous in their support for the club's tenth annual car show which will be held in August of this year. This was very unexpected, and very much appreciated by the club.

We are so very pleased with our '68 Mustang, with K.A.R. Auto Group, with their technical support, with the parts they have available, with their fabulous catalog, with their service, with their honesty and integrity, and with the friendliness we find every single time we call. We feel that not only have we bought a magnificent car, but we have truly made three new friends

Thank you K.A.R., we brag about you every chance we get.

On, forgot to mention - we hesitantly entered our '68 Mustang in two shows last month. It took FIRST PLACE in both shows. People stood and stared at it for twenty minutes at a time, and finally told us, "We just can't stop looking at it." Thanks, again, George, Judy & Kevin.

Sincerely, B & S A
August 2003
Dear George, Judy, Kevin and Staff:
I thought I would drop you a thank you note. My wife, Becky and I just drove our little 66 G.T. Coupe to Dearborne for the M.C.A.'s Stampede to Dearborne national event. The car ran flawlessly up and back and we brought home a M.C.A. Gold Plaque. This could only happen through you and your staff's knowledge, dedication and integrity. Since I purchased the car at K.A.R. Auto Group Inc. you nice folks have always went the "extra mile" in every way. You really back up what you sell. This was only reinforced by the mustang hobbyists I spoke to at the show. You have a lot of fans out there, including myself.

In closing, I have never been happier with any automotive purchase and you have a customer for life. It is a pleasure doing business with you!

April 2003
Dear KAR:
Thank you for going the "extra miles" to make sure my Mustang was to my satisfaction. I will always recommend you to all Mustang owners. Thank you . . . you are very much appreciated!

November 2002
Hi George:

I’m sending you a “little” present as a THANK YOU! for all the help that you’ve given me while I was restoring my 1969 Mustang. I bought this car in 1977 with an idea of what I wanted it to look like when I was done working on it. I used to go to the local Ford dealer every other payday and buy what new parts that I could, like my rear louvers and rear spoiler. When the parts were not available there, I would search through all the local wrecking years collecting what parts I could that were still good enough for me to use on my car. I eventually had a garage full of parts for a 1969 Mustang, but I knew I wouldn’t be using a lot of them until I could do the work right the first time. Then the car sat in my garage for several years, only coming out long enough to do the emissions tests (passing every time) and then going back into hibernation. Finally, after 20 years, I decided it was time. I spent one year going over and through the entire drive train bumper to bumper. Then I spent the next two years stripping the car “naked” and redoing the interior and giving it a superior body and paint job. (Remember how I mentioned of doing it “right” the first time? I don’t like doing the work halfway and then having to do it again later.) During these years, you were a tremendous help in getting those parts to me that eventually fulfilled my dream of 20 years earlier of what I wanted the car to look like. So now, 25 years after first daring to dream, my car is complete, so I would like to give you this picture of my car, in front of my garage, so you can see what your efforts have let me accomplish here in Seattle! (I’ve also enclosed a copy of my car’s appraisal showing what the Seattle market thinks of it.)

December 2000
Dear George, Kevin and Judy:
We are now approaching the one year anniversary since we purchased our 1966 Mustang Convertible (affectionately known as "Baby Blue"). This was our first summer to experience fully the joys of owning a classic mustang.

I can say that from the day of the purchase to the day of actual delivery to now almost one year later, I am extremely please with my Baby Blue. It is truly an enjoyable driving experience. My baby has required only routine maintenance and we take excellent care of her -- she definitely catches the eye of the driving public as we cruise around.

I want to first apologize for being delinquent in thanking you for the superb service that we received in the purchase of our classic mustang. The entire staff of K.A.R. needs to be commended for their professionalism. I have told my husband a number of times that should anyone ever damage my baby, after contended with me, they would definitely be in for a shock as there is only one place that it would be sent for any type of repair work and that is back to Columbus.

Thank you again for everything, I couldn't be happier.

September 2000
Dear George and Kevin:
I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent job that K.A.R. Auto Group, Inc. did in totally restoring my 1965 Mustang Convertible. Not only did you restore the car but you also actually located the rust free car to begin with!

Now that I am back home, I have had time to more thoroughly review and inspect the car. Let me just say that the car is wonderful! The quality of the fit, finish and detail work in the interior, engine bay, trunk and undercarriage is especially superb.

Please be sure to tell all the employees in your shop that I am totally pleased with the quality of craftsman ship that they achieved on my car.

Bob Spencer
H.P. Motorsport, Inc.
July 2000
Dear George:
I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is a great pleasure to do business with you. I have ordered parts from you for the last couple of years and I have been totally satisfied with your products or your professionalism in handling any problems.

The local Mustang parts businesses here could learn a few lessons from you and your staff. You advertise that you stand behind your products and your service, and I have found that this is 100% true.

Whenever someone inquires where I purchase my Mustang parts I always say K.A.R. -- even if I didn't on some parts. You should send me some of your business cards and I would gladly hand them out.

Thanks again for all your help and cooperation.

Sincerely, JB

Upcoming Shows & Swaps
George, the senior member of our ownership team (by age only) simply cannot get shows and swap meets out of his system. George travels to many events nationwide to support these events as a buyer. George, of course, is aware of all the cars under restorations at K.A.R. and the hard to find parts required to complete their restoration. Swap meets and car shows are perfect venues to locate these parts. Watch for George and the specially designed K.A.R. golf cart at major events. George and the K.A.R. golf cart!
Of course, since classic and late model Mustang sales are very important segments of our business George travels to these events in the K.A.R. Mustang car hauler. George loves to purchase quality Mustangs at these events. George will always seek out the very best Mustangs for sale at any event he attends. He does respect your privacy. If you do not have a "For Sale" sign on your Mustang, George will not discuss purchasing it! George and the K.A.R. car hauler!
What if George finds more quality Mustangs to purchase than his car hauler can hold? We virtually never pass up great quality Mustangs if we can afford to meet the seller's purchase price. Don't let George's silver hair fool you! He knows his way around computers. He is connected to the Internet and a wide array of licenses and insured transporters, who on a moment's notice can connect and secure the Mustangs that exceed George's carrying capacity.

Watch for the K.A.R. golf cart and the K.A.R. car hauler. Say hello to George! He loves car shows and swap meets and sincerely enjoys Mustang enthusiasts. George purchased his first Mustang in 1964 and his second Mustang in 1965. Hundreds and hundreds of Mustangs later George is still on the prowl. No one today has a greater respect and appreciation for American's #1 pony car than George. When you see George in the golf cart or in the car hauler, just say........ What's shakin!

Press Articles
K.A.R. Auto Group would like to thank all the magazines who have published stories about our business and allowed us to post them here on our internet site.

Please click on any press article below to read the full story.

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